BREAKING: Gov. Abbott Reveals Biden's Border Conspiracy - America Is FURIOUS...

July 5, 2022

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) once again ripped President Joe Biden on Saturday for his "inadequate" response to the border crisis, which is ongoing.

Abbott pointed to the amount of fentanyl coming across the border with the millions of illegal immigrants, and said that the crisis was "having an effect on every state."

“First of all, [the American people] don’t like seeing their border overrun; they don’t like seeing the lawlessness, but also, many of these people who are coming across the border are flown into their states,” Abbott stated. “But then, on top of that, and perhaps worse, the fentanyl is making it this way to their states also."

He said Texas was adding personnel and resources to deal with the border situation because the federal government wasn't doing its job.

"Texas adds people to help solve this problem, whereas the United States does not," she said.

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