BREAKING: GOP Traitor EXPOSED - She's The Guilty Party...

July 6, 2022

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has a LOT of explaining to do.

The lady from Alaska recently voted in FAVOR of expanding gun control laws just after running advertisements telling potential voters that she was fighting hard to protect the Second Amendment.

"LISA NEEDS YOUR HELP," one ad screamed.

"Democrats what to take away your right to bear arms. Can you join her and stand up to the radical left to protect our Second Amendment rights?"

"THIS CAN’T WAIT," another began.

"The far left wants to abolish the Second Amendment. They want to take away your rights and we have to stop them."

And when it came time to stick to her promises?

Well, the woman we can officially identify as a RINO was right there with her liberal buddies.

You can see screenshots of her advertisements at the link below.

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