BREAKING: GOP Shocks Nancy Pelosi With MASSIVE Surprise - Hahaha

October 10, 2022

Historically Left-leaning hispanics are shifting to the right, creating massive wins for the GOP.

"A recent poll found that Hispanic conservatives would favor Republican control of Congress over Democrat control by 56 points, giving the Republicans a 65-point swing in the past decade," reported Breitbart.

Conservative Hispanics have shifted from lean-Democrat voters to Republican-base voters, and Nancy Pelosi is very likely to be gone soon.

NBC News reported:

In the merged NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls of 2012, 49% of self-described conservative Latinos said they preferred Democratic control of Congress, versus 40% who wanted Republicans in charge — a 9-point edge for Democrats.

But in our Sept. 2022 NBC News/Telemundo poll, a whopping 73% of conservative Latinos say they prefer Republicans in control of Congress, versus 17% who prefer Democrats — a 56-point advantage for the GOP.

That’s a net 65-point swing in a decade, and it helps to explain how Republicans have cut into Democrats’ lead among Latino voters.

Cassy Garcia, a Hispanic Republican hoping to unseat Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), told Breitbart News, "Now more than ever Hispanics feel a genuine sense of belonging with the GOP."

"The red wave is here," Garcia added. "Now more than ever Hispanics feel a genuine sense of belonging with the GOP. We know Hispanics are conservative on education, on social issues. We’re pro-life and pro-gun. We want lower taxes, religious freedom, and school choice."

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