BREAKING: GOP Sen. Drops Bombshell On Fauci's Chinese Conspiracy...

August 6, 2022

Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky dropped a bomb on Fauci's Chinese virus conspiracy.

Paul said gain-of-function research has included the infection of "humanized mice that have human lung cells" with genetically modified viruses. Researchers realized that they could "create viruses," including "superviruses," that are "more infectious than ones found in nature and still very deadly."

"Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said on Wednesday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow that the same day’s Senate hearing on the federal government’s funding of gain-of-function research on viruses would be the first of its kind since the COVID-19 outbreak," reports Breitbart.

"Paul previewed a hearing held by a Senate subcommittee on Wednesday described by C-SPAN as an examination of “federal investment into the gain of function research of viruses and diseases," Breitbart reports.

"This will be the first hearing on gain-of-function research," Paul said. "This is the research that was going on in the lab where they take a virus that has known mortality, like one of the coronaviruses that has somewhere between 15 and 30 percent mortality, then they mix it with an s-protein from an unknown virus from a bat cave about 800 miles away, and they scratch their heads and they say, 'Wow, I wonder if we mix it with these new viruses, if we can make it more infectious in humans.'"

Then Paul dropped the bomb on Fauci.

Paul added, "This is gain-of-function research. This is what Dr. Fauci has repeatedly said they didn’t fund, but we’re going to have three esteemed scientists today who, I think, will acknowledge that this is the kind of research that was going on over there, that it was gain-of-function, and it did meet the definition."

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