BREAKING: GOP Insider Catches Joe Biden In The ACT - Congress DISGUSTED...

July 27, 2022

On Fox News Channel’s "Hannity," Republican Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio blasted President Biden for his efforts to redefine what a recession is.

"Jordan stated that the Biden administration is trying to redefine what a recession is and that these attempts at recession redefinition undercut the insistence from President Joe Biden that there won’t be a recession because if the Biden administration truly believed there wasn’t going to be a recession, they wouldn’t care about changing the definition," reports Breitbart.

Jordan said, "First, Democrats can’t define what a woman is, now they can’t define what a recession is, and here’s the point, Sean, if it’s not going to happen, why do you have to redefine it?"

Jordan continued, "If we’re not really going to have a recession, why do you care about the definition or changing the accepted definition?"

Then Jordan dropped the hammer on Biden, "But the American people get it. They know they have less gas in their car, less money in their wallet, less freedom. And that’s why — we’ve talked about this many times — that’s why I think they are fixing to make a big change come this November."

"Even if Joe Biden had an epiphany and wanted to do the right thing, the left that controls his party won’t let him," Jordan added.

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