BREAKING: GOP Governors Release Secret Weapon Against CDC - Blow It Wide Open...

October 23, 2022

Many Republican Governors have responded to the CDC's decision to add COVID-19 vaccines to the 2023 immunization schedule by assuring constituents that they will not allow the CDC to require Covid-19 vaccines.

Despite the pandemic being in the rearview mirror, the CDC is ramping up efforts to push Covid-19 vaccines on American children.

CDC epidemiologist Ruth Link-Gelles stated during a health conference that the lack of widespread vaccination of young children around the nation is a "really abysmal ... public health failure."

The decision to add Covid-19 vaccines to the immunization schedule is the latest move by the CDC to pressure Americans into jabbing their children. Thankfully, many Republicans have put together a strong response against the CDC.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis assured Americans during a press conference that, "As long as I'm kickin' and screamin', there will be no COVID shot mandates for your kids."

Governors from Utah to Virginia also came out announcing their intentions to stand strong and stand against the CDC and its insidious agenda.

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