BREAKING: GOP Exposes New York Times Link To Democrat Party [Developing]

August 24, 2022

Representative Byron Donalds is a Republican in Florida.

Being a Republican, he isn't given certain privileges that liberals have, such as having the establishment media constantly cover up for him.

Donalds recently appeared on Fox News Channel to talk about some of the difficulties that come from the media inherently trusting liberals and pushing an anti-conservative bias.

Spoiler: it isn't easy.

Donalds took particular exception to a recent article from the New York Times claiming that the "American Dream" had been distorted "by Republicans of color."

This was all Donalds needed to unload on the publication.

"This is so typical of the New York Times. They don’t take a chance to look at their own agenda — something they have supported for years and realize that it is failing the American people, let alone people who are black or Latino in the United States. Listen, they don’t want to talk about fentanyl, which is killing kids in every city of America. They don’t want to talk about a weak border policy. They don’t want to talk about inflation that is really tearing apart budgets for every family, whether you are white, black or Latino in the United States, and all the other issues brought by the Democrat Party."

"Instead of doing that, they want to do what the New York Times always does and what Democrats always do, which is dog whistle," he concluded. "They throw out these dog whistle phrases, trying to scare voters into thinking that Republicans are part of some nefarious plot. But the truth is the New York Times is nothing more than the political arm of the Democrat Party, and I’m sick of it. Voters are sick of it. We’re going to see right through this. That is foolishness. The American Dream is alive and well if you have the right public policies to support it."

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