BREAKING: GOP Drops Bombshell On Google For Election Scandal - Trump Was Right...

October 24, 2022

A lawsuit has been dropped on media giant Google for interfering with campaign emails coming into users' inboxes.

"The Republican National Committee filed a lawsuit against Google on Friday, accusing the media giant of deliberately sending its campaign emails to spam," reported TheHill

"This case is about a market-dominant communications firm unlawfully discriminating against the Republic National Committee … by throttling its email messages because of the RNC’s political affiliation and views," the lawsuit reads.

"The timing of Google’s most egregious filtering is particularly damning," the lawsuit continues, noting that "nearly all" emails from the Republican National Committee went straight to spam.

"The only reasonable inference is that Google is intentionally sending critical RNC emails to the spam folder because it’s the RNC sending them," the suit states.

Google has not responded to inquiries about the lawsuit.

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