BREAKING: Fox News Reveals Murder Bombshell - Viewers Stunned...

July 8, 2022

Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany said she felt like she was in the "Twighlight Zone" to see a New York City bodega worker put in jail and charged with murder for killing someone in self-defense who was attacking him.

"I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone," she said. "What kind of sick, twisted place are we sitting in here in the middle of New York City, where this man who is defending himself is put in jail?"

The worker, "[Jose] Alba has no criminal history," she went on. "He's just a good, hardworking person who immigrated to this country and has been a law-abiding citizen. His daughter said, 'It was either him or the guy at the moment. He's never hurt anybody.'"

She also said Alba had to make a choice between his life or going to Riker's Island, which is not much of a choice.

She added that she hopes the charges against him are dropped when the case goes to a jury trial.

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