BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Joe Biden Mental Health BOMBSHELL - It's Obvious...

July 18, 2022

Fox News's Tucker Carlson ripped into the Democrat Party for backing President Joe Biden despite the clear signs of "mental decline" that the President has exhibited ever since being sworn into office nearly two years ago.

During his Friday show, Carlson revealed that Democrats knew of Biden's condition the whole time but did nothing about it.

Carlson said, "Ronny Jackson is a physician. He joined the White House Medical Unit many years ago under President George W Bush. He stayed in that job. He went on to serve as physicians to the two subsequent Presidents, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, so Ronny Jackson knows a lot about what it takes to run the country."

Jackson has been a vocal critic of President Biden and has been demanding that the President undergo a cognitive test and that the results be made public. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened and the President continues to decline.

Carlson continued saying, "But the point is, Joe Biden's dementia was perfectly obvious to everyone around him more than three years ago. So, we never thought this could happen. You can't make a senile man President of the United States. This is our country. This is a real country. It needs a real leader, even one you disagree with, but someone who is in full possession was faculties. No one would ever do that. It's crazy."

That exact scenario became a reality, and the Democrat Party needs to be held accountable for it. The consequences of electing President Biden have been abundantly clear, from the war in Ukraine to an energy crisis here at home. The President is not fit to serve, and the people who enabled this must be held accountable.

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