BREAKING: Fox News Host Reveals Dark Democrat Secret - Viewers Stunned...

November 2, 2022

Tucker Carlson pointed out on Monday that Democrats need censorship to maintain power, while Republicans need the truth to get out.

"CNN told its viewers today that in the wake of the attack on Paul Pelosi, Elon Musk should no longer let people speak freely on Twitter. . . . In the wake of the attack on Pelosi, Musk must retain 'what the far-right calls censorship,'” Carlson said.

"Who are the far-right?" he went on. "We don’t need to be far-right to identify the censorship, because censorship is exactly what it is and to restate, Democrats could no longer exist or hold power without it. They need censorship, and they’re going to try to use this horrifying crime to hold on to it."

Carlson went on to say that the attack on Pelosi isn't even that unusual anymore, it is increasing because of Democrat policies even though the mainstream media doesn't want to admit it.

"Crime in this country is out of control by every measure," he said, and the American people know it's true no matter what the news reports. They are getting ready to hold Democrats accountable on Election Day and at this point, no one can stop it.

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