BREAKING: Fox News Host Goes NUCLEAR, Calls Him Lying Idiot - Viewers In Disbelief....

October 14, 2022

Jesse Watters needed only two blunt words to describe Alejandro Mayorkas to America: "lying idiot."

"There are two types of people in Washington," Watters began.

"There are the liars, and then there are the idiots. But in order to get ahead in Washington successfully, you have to be a lying idiot. And that's what Mayorkas is. Mayorkas knew these guys were innocent. He went out, and then he lied about it. And then he didn't tell his boss, Biden, they were innocent."

"And the most important thing as an employee is to make your boss not look foolish," he continued.

"Mayorkas made Biden look very foolish. And it's almost like the hoax was coming. It was coming, it was coming, and he had to man up and stop the hoax, and he just let it pass. So then everybody looked bad and innocent guys got smeared."

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