BREAKING: Fox News Host Exposes Liz Cheney's Secret - WOW

August 18, 2022

It's time to stop worrying about her political career and to start worrying about her (mental) health.

According to Fox News, Liz Cheney might actually be "nuts."

Greg Gutfeld said on "The Five" said that the Republican Congresswoman from Wyoming's "emotional brokenness" is embarrassing.

"She compared this to the Civil War. She is nuts, ok? She’s overtaken with such obsession and such emotional bitterness that she has this grandiose view of herself and it’s actually now getting embarrassing. It’s embarrassing for her. I wish he had a friend that could take her aside, saying, ‘You’ve got to calm down.’ Don’t run for office. You are not going to get a national office. At best, you will get Office Depot. Republicans hate you. Democrats don’t want you, this all driven by emotional brokenness that happened from Trump."

He continued, "She compared herself to Abe Lincoln. People say that Trump has an ego, but when he says stuff like that, it’s usually with a wink, and then everybody’s laughing. There’s nothing in her eye but spite. It’s such a personal vendetta from day one."

"Somebody needs to pull her back and go, 'Look, everybody moved on except for you. It’s time.'"

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