BREAKING: Fox News Host Drops Bombshell On REVOLT - It's Already Happening...

August 16, 2022

Fox News Channel's Mark Levin opened his recent program with a stern warning to the American public.

He saw what happened recently at Donald Trump's private residence, and he doesn't like what it means for the future of American politics and safety.

According to him, the raid is a sign that our ruling class is "in revolt."

He compared the execution of the search to old Soviet Union "Marxist" goverance:

"Well, first of all, free speech is clearly under attack. The government has been working with Big Tech and the Big Oligarchs from the Silicon Valley. The government is also putting out propaganda endlessly and has been doing this for a hundred years, but it has really come to a pinnacle today, hasn’t it?"

"The ruling class is saying, 'You will listen to us. We will rule over you. We want conformity. You’re not to speak against us. You’re not to protest against us and by God, you’re not to vote against us, and if we can crush Donald Trump, we will send a message that we can crush each and every one of you.'"

"THAT'S what took place at Mar-a-Lago."

We know, Mark.

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