BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms SICKENING Rumor - Fans Stunned...

September 14, 2022

Fox News host Mark Levin visited another Fox News show, Unfiltered, on Monday where he compared Democrats to the pigs (elites) in Animal Farm and said that the left's focus on pronouns and labeling Republicans is an "attempt to dehumanize us."

"I’ve concluded something you know and most people know, which is in order to be a Democrat, you have to be a radical. And in order to be a radical, you have to lie through your teeth all the time," Levin said.

"Look at what’s going on right now. We have a recession. Joe Biden says we’re not in a recession," Levin continued. "Inflation has grown. He says inflation is zero."

"We have pronouns instead of real names," he went on. "Why? To dehumanize us. And so, this semi-fascism thing is a tool out of the old book of every fascist and Marxist regime that’s ever existed that is to paint your enemies in a certain way to repeat it over and over and over again until it becomes true. You’ve now dehumanized them."

He said that we are now living in the "United States of the Democratic Party, more than the United States of America"Talk a because of how Democrats are running things. Talk about semi-fascist.

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