BREAKING: Fox News Host Confirms Shock Rumor - Viewers Beyond Stunned...

October 5, 2022

Deep down in our hearts we know it, but we still wish things weren't this way:

Leftists don't want what's best for America. According to Mark Levin, "Democrats don't believe in federalism - they believe in federal government. The IRON FIST of the central government."

Levin made his remarks on the Sunday broadcast of "Life, Liberty, and Levin."

"We keep hearing from Joe Biden that the choice is between democracy and autocracy. And of course, he claims to be on the side of democracy and all the rest of us are on the side of autocracy and that has been regurgitated in his media, and it’s been regurgitated by his party and anybody else who supports that ideology.

First of all, if Joe Biden knew anything about American history, the framers rejected democracy, they embraced republicanism. They embraced representative government. They embraced constitutionalism, checks and balances, separation of powers. It is right there in the Constitution. It’s right there in the Federalist Papers. It’s right there in Madison’s notes, but I don’t expect Joe Biden who served in the Senate 36 years and took an oath to uphold this document, served as Vice President for eight years and now is the putative President of the United States to comprehend any of this.

And the reason is simple, ladies and gentlemen. You cannot be a progressive or as I call American Marxist and support the Constitution. And that’s why they’ve spent 120 years scheming to get around it and cut through it."

We saw that 120 years of scheming come together in 2020.

"Speaking of the Democrats and Biden and the rest, let’s take a look at our Constitution. They claim to support it. Do they? First of all, one of the central elements of the Constitution is separation of powers. Without separation of powers, we would be a tyranny.

If you look at the construct of the Constitution, you have Article I, Congress; Article II, the executive; Article III, the Courts, and there are specific powers that are provided to each among others.

So what is it that the Democratic Party wants to do? They want to destroy separation of powers, which is one of the reasons that Joe Biden legislates by executive order. I read one piece in which he just said his executive orders in less than two years in the presidency, have resulted in the expenditure of $1.5 trillion, that’s clearly unconstitutional. That’s not what executive orders are for."

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