BREAKING: Fox News Exposes Biden Terrorism Scandal - Here's The Story...

July 1, 2022

Tucker Carlson just made a bombshell revelation to his fellow Americans:

Freedom of speech is dead.

The federal government is soon to control almost everything you're allowed to do, if they don't already.

Soon to be added to the list of illegal offenses, according to Tucker?

Making Joe Biden angry.

Tucker took offense to recent Department of Justice actions tied directly to politics, which are efforts to "criminalize" their opposition.

According to Tucker, soon doing things like protesting the 2020 election could make you a target of the FBI.

In fact, it probably already has.

"So in a functioning democratic system, this should be a problem for the people trying to do it. You can’t undermine the country you lead and expect to continue to lead it in a democracy and the Biden administration knows this, and that’s one of the reasons that the signature tactic of the Biden administration, this is our topic tonight, has been the criminalizing of American politics.

Why have a political debate when you can just arrest people who disagree with you? And that has happened far below the media radar since the day Joe Biden was elected.

And tonight, to show it, we want to go through a litany, a list of Americans who have been arrested, detained by Federal law enforcement on the orders of the Biden administration, not because they committed recognizable crimes, but because they disagreed with the political aims of the Biden administration.

Now, again, you’re not reading about this in The New York Times because the rest of the media are pretending that it is not happening. And instead, they’re focused on the January 6 Committee, which has taken, in fact, a lead role in this effort, rounding up enemies of the state.

The entire process is a farce, and that was proved yesterday. If you watch the hearings yesterday, you know how absurd it is.

Democrats, with the help of Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, called up a star witness who testified she heard someone else say that Donald Trump attacked a Secret Service agent and tried to carjack the presidential limousine. Think about that.

The President of the United States tried to seize control of the presidential limousine that he wasn’t driving? It didn’t make any sense. And then by the time that Secret Service agents who were on the scene denied the story to NBC News and other news outlets, nobody cared. They weren’t even pretending that it was true.

The initial story was the point. The shock value was the point, not the factual basis of it. That’s what passes for rigorous investigation in Congress at the moment.

But no media outlet is going to revisit their decision to turn over their airwaves to the January 6 Committee, even after yesterday’s debacle. It is, in fact, a show trial. It is absurd by definition, and its absurdity is the point.

The absurdity of it, the hollowness of it, sends the message, 'We run the justice system now. You are powerless.' And that is the same message the Biden administration has sent to America for the last year-and-a-half, with the help of Merrick Garland, the most political Attorney General in history."

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