BREAKING: Footage Catches Joe Biden IN THE ACT - He's Busted...

August 3, 2022

President Joe Biden has not been wearing a mask in recent days even after testing positive for COVID-19, according to photos and footage that have been taken during that time.

Biden and other administration officials have frequently advised others to wear a mask when they test positive for COVID-19, and yet Biden did not do so for a Monday night television appearance or a Sunday photograph for a tweet informing the public that he is continuing to work and "keeping busy."

Breitbart pointed out that for any photo or video to be taken, the person behind the camera had to be in close proximity to the subject.

“I hope all Americans who live in the areas covered by the CDC guidance will follow it; I certainly will when I travel to these [coronavirus infected] areas,” President Joe Biden said on July 27.

And yet, he still tested positive even though he was (apparently) masked. Maybe like many others in the country he leade, he has just decided there's no point in masking if it doesn't stop you from getting infected.

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