BREAKING: Election Scandal PROVEN With Incontrovertible Evidence - WOW

October 22, 2022

There is absolutely no denying it now. There are definitely errors being made left and right in America's election system.

Just last week, California sent out 27,000 ballots to unregistered voters. Most of them were illegal immigrants.

Now, in Arizona, over 6,000 faulty ballots were just sent out.

And we're supposed to believe these people without question when they tell us to shut up and listen to the results of elections?

At the very least there is cause for concern here, and lawmakers should tighten up regulations around what is a very nervous topic for most Americans. But liberals don't want to do that because it would stop many of their favorite type of voters from getting to the polls: voters that shouldn't be voting.

The error in Arizona was announced by Democrat Katie Hobbs.

The AP reported on the incident:

"When people register to vote in Arizona or update their registration, an election system queries driver’s license records to verify whether the person has proven their citizenship. Those who don’t have citizenship documentation on file are not eligible to vote in state elections and are registered as 'federal only' voters.

Sophia Solis, a spokeswoman for Hobbs, said the driver’s license query failed to properly verify the citizenship for some people, leading them to to be improperly registered as federal only voters. She did not provide a breakdown of their party affiliation or describe the characteristics that led to problems."

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