BREAKING: Election Reversal Stuns Voters - Trump Smiling..

August 29, 2022

Long-time election trends have been reversed in Florida's traditional Democrat stronghold of Miami-Dade County. While Democrats hold a voter advantage, a majority of Hispanic voters in Miami-Dade are registered as Republicans.

Miami-Dade is the last county in Florida that is reliably blue, but that could soon change thanks to the shocking shift in political alignment with Hispanic voters.

As of August 1st, 252,395 Hispanic voters in Miami-Dade were registered as Democrats. That is far short of the 323,133 Hispanic voters that are registered Republicans, a gap of over 70,000 voters going into November's elections.

Florida's GOP celebrated the shift in a Twitter post that said, "Miami-Dade Hispanic voters are rejecting socialism and embracing freedom. Let's Keep Florida Free!"

The shocking flip in Miami-Dade county is part of a wider shift among Hispanic voters towards the right.

Republicans are hoping to make some serious Congressional gains with the help of new Hispanic voters, and that should terrify Democrats.

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