BREAKING: Donald Trump STORMS Into Battle - Voters Shocked...

October 24, 2022

Former President Donald Trump stormed Texas on Saturday to rally for Republicans and fight back against Democrats working to turn the Republican stronghold blue.

Trump held a rally in Corpus Christi attended by thousands of enthusiastic voters, and his message to fight back against Democrats was loud and clear.

Trump took special aim at Hispanic voters during his rally saying, "Every Hispanic American in Texas … we welcome you to our party and our movement with open, open, beautiful and strong arms."

Trump has rightly recognized that Texas isn't invulnerable to Democrat sabotage, and he is taking no chances. Trump also seems to understand that a big part of growing the Republican Party will be appealing to the Hispanic vote.

South Texas, in particular, has seen a major increase in Republican-supporting Hispanic voting blocks.

Despite every effort of the Democrat Party, Trump is strong and working to rally thousands of voters to get out and support Republicans. When all is said and done, Donald Trump's support will likely mean the difference between victory and defeat for Republicans.

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