BREAKING: Donald Trump STABBED In The Back - Betrayal Is...

August 5, 2022

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is furious with Donald Trump, and he's done hiding it.

That traitor in Wyoming, Representative Liz Cheney, is his daughter, and he's not going to allow Donald Trump to expose her any longer.

Despite most politicians thinking it smart to avoid jumping on a clearly losing effort, Dick Cheney recently appeared in a commercial appealing to the people of Wyoming to reelect his daughter.

That's probably not going to happen, especially if Donald Trump has anything to say about it.

Cheney has been perhaps the most outspoken Republican against Donald Trump in all of Congress.

As a result, Trump hopped on the bandwagon of Cheney's opponent, and Liz is being murdered in the polls as a result.

This last-ditch effort from Duckhunter Dick probably isn't going to move the needle very much.

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