BREAKING: Donald Trump Report On 2024 - It's Happening...

August 8, 2022

Former President Donald Trump recently held a massive rally in Wisconsin to campaign for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels.

During that rally, Fox News asked attendees who they wanted to run on the Republican ticket for the 2024 presidential election. The results were unsurprising as an overwhelming majority want to see Trump running in 2024.

One attendee, identified as Joseph, told Fox News, "I'm gonna vote Donald Trump of course. The reason why we moved from China to the States was because we valued the American systems."

Dozens of other attendees issued similar views, citing the disastrous economic situation that President Joe Biden has created.

However, there was a sizeable contingent of attendees who also mentioned Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a good option in 2024.

A debate among Republican voters about who is the better option between Trump and DeSantis is just beginning to heat up. That debate will have to wait until after the midterm elections to be properly settled.

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