BREAKING: Donald Trump Releases Secret Behind Mar-A-Lago Raid Docs - Nation Reacts...

August 15, 2022

Former President Donald Trump revealed that the FBI made off with documents they claimed were considered classified but Trump contended were de-classified.

The warrant given to the FBI allowed for "The locations to be searched include the '45 Office,' all storage rooms, and all other rooms or areas within the premises used or available to be used by FPOTUS and his staff and in which boxes or documents could be stored, including all structures or buildings on the estate."

The warrant further allowed the FBI to seize "all physical documents and records constituting evidence, contraband, fruits of crime, or other items illegally possessed," created between Jan. 20, 2017, and Jan. 20, 2021.

The warrant gave the FBI carte blanche to seize anything deemed "illegally possessed." However, Trump insists that nothing the FBI seized was illegally possessed.

The broad standards of the warrant made it clear that the FBI was fishing for anything they possibly could get their hands on to possibly implicate Trump in some kind of crime.

The FBI's big secret is that they didn't have a solid case against Trump and the entire purpose of the raid was to find something new. Unfortunately for them, their plan backfired, and it seems they haven't found anything substantial.

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