BREAKING: Donald Trump Proven Right About Results - 48 States Show...

July 22, 2022

President Biden is losing everywhere, and previous President Donald Trump is being proven right.

Biden's approval rating is now underwater ins 48 states. Yikes...

A recent Civiqs survey showed Biden’s overall disapproval rating hovering at 59 percent.

"Less than one-third of Americans, 30 percent, approve, and 12 percent neither approve nor disapprove of the president. According to the survey, Biden’s approval has not been above water since April 2021," reported Breitbart.

"Even in blue states such as California, 50 percent disapprove of Biden’s job performance, compared to 36 percent who approve, giving him a net negative approval of -14 percent," reported Breitbart News.

"Inflation in the U.S. rose to an annual rate of 9.1 percent in June under President Biden’s leadership — a figure worse than expert predictions — as Americans identify the economy as the top issue in determining how they vote as the midterm elections near," Breitbart reported.

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