BREAKING: Donald Trump Makes MASSIVE Statement About God - Fans Are Loving It...

July 25, 2022

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in Prescott Valley, Arizona, on Friday night. During that rally, he roused the massive crowd by saying, "As long as we are unified, the tyrants we are against do not stand a chance because we are Americans who kneel to God and no one else."

Trump's rhetoric was both inspiring at a time when our freedoms are increasingly under threat as well as rallying for the largely Christian conservative voting block that supports Trump.

Trump has energized the Republican voter base ahead of a critical election that could have massive consequences over the next two years.

Trump understands this and relayed that message to the crowd saying, "We are just four months away from the most important election in America's history. If we do not get this done then it is going to be tragic."

If Republicans can manage to take control of the House and the Senate, they will be in a great position to mitigate some of the damage that President Joe Biden has done to the United States.

Trump is calling on all hands, especially the Christian conservative wing of the Republican Party, to get out and vote in November. If he succeeds, it sets the stage for a return to the White House in 2024.

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