BREAKING: Donald Trump Gets AMAZING Election News - Here's The Plan...

August 18, 2022

Trump-backed challenger to Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) Kelly Tshibaka finished close enough to the incumbent senator to face her again in the general election in November, according to Alaska's election rules.

Tshibaka was only three points behind her rival, and Tshibaka called the result a "first step" to unseating Murkowski, who voted to convict former President Donald Trump in February at his second impeachment trial after January 6.

This “is just the first step in breaking the Murkowski monarchy’s grip on Alaska,” Tshibaka said.

“After 21 years in the Senate, in a seat she was appointed to by her father which she funds with dark money from outside our state, Lisa Murkowski cares more about her status with the Washington, D.C. insiders than she does about what the people here at home think,” Tshibaka said. “Tonight’s results also demonstrate that voters have clear choices.”

Tshibaka pointed out that Alaska is generally a strong Republican state and that Murkowski was not conducting herself in a way that was true to those ideals.

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