BREAKING: Donald Trump Exposes Hunter Biden's Secret - Joe Is FURIOUS

July 13, 2022

Donald Trump has spoken up about what just may be the most dastardly plan Joe Biden ever tried to get away with:

Selling America's oil reserves to a Chinese company linked to his son, Hunter Biden.

We all know that Hunter Biden is nothing but a drug addict that loves spending taxpayer dollars on hookers way more than he values an honest day's work.

But is that any reason for Joe Biden to keep leveraging his position as President to ensure Hunter never has to do any real work in his life?

What work is there for Hunter to do? He's just the middleman connecting his partners to the ear of the President of the United States of America.

Whether Joe Biden realizes it or not inside that confused old noggin of his, Hunter Biden is playing him like a fiddle.

Everybody in America except daddy realizes it.

"I think the whole thing is incredible," Trump said. "I built up the reserves—75 million barrels of oil. We filled it up. It’s the first time in decades that that was loaded up to the top. We did it when oil was very cheap. I said this would be the time. I said ‘tell me about the reserves,’ and they told me and in about two seconds we made a big order for very little money. Now it’s being given away to China and other countries. I think it’s terrible."

It certainly is very weird that at a time where oil is so precious Joe would be sending it all to Hunter's business associates.

"I don’t know. It’s certainly strange to be giving to, of all countries, China,. Now, they’re getting a lot of oil from Iran and other places. They should have no shortage. When I was president, I didn’t allow China to buy from Iran and Iran was willing to make a deal. They would have had a deal within one week after the election—within a week I would have had a deal with Iran. It’s so sad what’s happened to our country in so many different ways."

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