BREAKING: Donald Trump EXECUTION Shocker [Developing Report]

August 1, 2022

It's fun to walk down memory lane and see what our leading politicians are saying, and this week has been no different.

President Trump had some strong words to say about crime in his Washington speech:

"America first must mean safety first. There is no respect for the law, and there certainly is no order. It has to stop, and it has to stop now," Trump said.

"There should be a squad car on every corner if that's what it takes to stop the killing. You execute a drug dealer and you save 500 lives," Trump added.

Trump didn't stop there...he continued, teasing a 2024 run in his first speech in Washington, D.C. since he left the White House.

"I won the second time. I did much better the second time. We may just have to do it again," Trump said.

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