BREAKING: Donald Trump Election News Has GOP Cheering - This Is What He Wanted...

July 18, 2022

Former President Donald Trump is coming in hot with that golden ticket endorsement, and it's working in Harriet Hageman of Wyoming's favor.

"Trump-endorsed congressional candidate Harriet Hageman leads Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) by 22 points heading into the August 16 primary," reported Breitbart News.

Hageman leads Cheney 52 percent to 30 percent. Eleven percent are undecided, according to the Casper Star-Tribune/Mason-Dixon poll.

"Sixty-six percent also disapprove of Cheney’s overall job performance in Congress, which is driven by her participation in Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) partisan January 6 Committee," reports Breitbart.

"Throughout the campaign, Cheney has solicited Democrats for votes and has raised money from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton donors," reported Breitbart.

It appears Cheney is more popular with Democrats than Republicans. The poll showed Cheney’s approval rating among Wyoming Democrats is above 50 percent, though there are not enough Democrat voters willing to help Cheney in the Republican primary.

Looks like Cheney is up a creek.

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