BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops Bombshell On Democrats - I Can't Stop Laughing...

August 20, 2022

Former President Donald Trump has fake 'endorsed' some surprising candidates in New York's upcoming primaries, and it's hilarious.

"Trump made two surprising endorsements Wednesday, stating that he 'Strongly Endorse[d]' impeachment manager Dan Goldman and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y.," reports Fox.

"Lawyer Dan Goldman is running for Congress, NY-10, and it is my great honor to Strongly Endorse him," Trump said in a Truth Social post.

"Goldman, who is running to represent a district that includes part of Manhattan and Brooklyn, represented Democrats in the first impeachment trial of Trump," Trump added.

"I do this not because of the fact that he headed up the Impeachment Committee and lost, but because he was honorable, fair, and highly intelligent. While it was my honor to beat him, and beat him badly, Dan Goldman has a wonderful future ahead," Trump hilariously stated.

Trump's sarcasm continued, stating that Goldman "will be very compassionate and compromising to those within the Republican Party, and will do everything possible to make sure they have a fair chance at winning against the Radical Left Democrats, who he knows are destroying our Country. I would like to thank Dan for fighting so hard for America, and for working so tirelessly to stop "Trump." He was not easy to beat, but winning against him made me realize just how very talented I am!"

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