BREAKING: Donald Trump Drops Bomb On Joe Biden - White House Scrambling...

July 3, 2022

As if Joe Biden hasn't gotten enough bad news lately, it just keeps coming.

Not only is Joe faced with a boatload of problems right now, it's not like his problems are going to go away if he's able to weather some small storm.

You can look over two years ahead, and Biden's future still looks BRUTAL.

A hypothetical matchup for 2024 shows that right now, Biden is FIVE POINTS behind former President Donald Trump.

Neither Trump nor Biden have officially said that they're running again, but you'd have to be stupid to not think at least one of them will.

America wants fresh blood in the White House, but politicians aren't interested in what's best for us. They want what's best for them.

If the option that America is presented with is the same two options we had in 2024, we probably wouldn't be happy.

But we would know which way things would end.

In favor of Trump.

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