BREAKING: Donald Trump Death Announcement - No One Saw This Coming

July 11, 2022

Former President Donald Trump is calling for human traffickers, drug dealers, and those who kill police to get the death penalty.

Trump made the announcement during a Save America rally held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"So this is a little controversial. And I will either get a standing ovation – and I don’t care about the ovation, I care about the country – or people are going to walk out of the room for what I’m about to say. But it’s time finally to say it. If you look at countries all throughout the world...the only ones that don’t have a drug problem are those that institute the death penalty for drug dealers. They’re the only ones, they don’t have any problem," Trump said.

"Those who kill police officers as well as those who kill through human trafficking," Trump continued.

"So we can be streetwise tough and smart and end our problem or we can be politically correct, weak and frankly, extremely stupid," said Trump. "Which is probably the way we will continue to be and lose millions and millions more people to a scourge the likes of which our country and most other countries have never seen before."

"So do something about it. It’s The only way you’re going to win the only way you’re going to win all right," Trump added.

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