BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Rumors - He's Naming Names...

July 27, 2022

Former President Donald Trump returned to D.C. for the first time since his presidency, and he took the opportunity to bash the Democrats, as per usual.

"Trump dedicated most of his keynote address at AFPI’s America First Agenda Summit on Tuesday to crime, one of the main issues facing Americans across the country," reports Breitbart.

"During his speech, Trump said public safety is one of the 'core issues' facing the country," Breitbart reported.

"There is no higher priority than cleaning up our streets, controlling our borders, stopping the drugs from pouring in, and quickly restoring law and order," Trump said.

"In the Democrat rule, in Democrat-run cities, Democrat-run states, and a Democrat-run federal government, the criminals have been given free rein more than ever before," Trump added. "There’s never been a time like this. Our streets are riddled with needles and soaked with the blood of innocent victims."

Trump said the "once great cities" where the middle class used to "flock," such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, are now crime-ridden "warzones." Trump added, "Every day, there are stabbings, rapes, murders, and violent assaults … Bloody turf wars rage … [and] parents are worried sick that their kids will get shot on the way to school."

"We’re living in such a different country … Our country is now a cesspool of crime. We have blood, death, and suffering on a scale once unthinkable because of the Democrat Party’s effort to destroy and dismantle law enforcement all throughout America. It has to stop, and it has to stop now," Trump said in his speech.

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