BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms He WANTS To Do It - It's Happening...

October 14, 2022

Liberals were expecting Trump to be shaking in his boots over the thought of testifying before the Jan. 6 committee.

A rude awakening is soon coming their way. Not only is Donald not scared of testifying, he's LOOKING FORWARD to it.

Trump sees this as the perfect opportunity for him to show America what really went on during his presidency, and prove that he isn't the monster liberals are trying to portray him as.

What did Donald do that they're SO pissed about? Keep gas prices low?

We've seen what liberals are doing to this country lately, and so has Donald. That's why he's looking at this testimony as a chance to tell his side of the story.

The facts back him up. So do the numbers. Now it's time to let him tell his side of the story so voters will back him up as well.

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