BREAKING: Donald Trump Confirms Florida Election Rumor - It's Official...

August 22, 2022

Former President Donald Trump officially endorsed Florida Republican Matt Gaetz in the race for Florida's 1st Congressional District.

Trump made the announcement on TRUTH Social on Saturday and the endorsement is a huge win for Gaetz who has a massive target on his back due to his fearless war on the left.

Trump wrote, "Rep. Matt Gaetz is a relentless Fighter for the incredible people of Florida's 1st Congressional District! Matt is a Champion of our MAGA Agenda, who tirelessly works to Drain the Swamp, Secure the Border, Support our Brave Veterans and Law Enforcement, Defend the Second Amendment, Stand Up to the Woke Mob, and Fight the Never-Ending Witch Hunts from the Radical Left that are destroying our Country!"

Gaetz is facing off against retired military officer Greg Merk and former FedEx executive Mark Lombardo in Tuesday's primary.

An anonymously sourced New York Times report claimed that Gaetz had an inappropriate interaction with a minor last year. Of course, nothing came of the allegations, but it signaled just how far the left was willing to go to stop Gaetz.

Gaetz has become immensely popular among Trump's supporters, and Trump's endorsement recognizes Gaetz's value. Now all that remains to be seen is how voters will react to the endorsement in the primary.

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