BREAKING: Donald Trump 2024 BOMBSHELL Leaks After Raid - Read This Now...

August 11, 2022

Former White House communications director Alyssa Farah Griffin remarked on CNN on Tuesday that the FBI's raid on Trump's residence may have just handed the 2024 election to him, unless the FBI actually finds serious wrongdoing.

"I’m hoping [the raid's rationale] goes beyond simply not complying with some archiving laws, or DOJ just handed Donald Trump the Republican nominee and potentially the presidency," Farah Griffin told cohost John Berman.

Farah Griffin did admit that if Trump had mishandled classified documents, that could be a serious national security risk that deserved the crackdown.

If it’s seen as a massive overreach or something incredibly serious, then this is a good day for Donald Trump. By the way, he knows how to play this up in his favor. He more or less broke this," she said.

Farah Griffin also pointed out that Republicans were very "aligned" in their messaging about the raid.

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