BREAKING: Desperate Joe Biden Caught In The Act In Florida - Details Coming In...

November 3, 2022

It's getting so bad for Democrats that they're stooping to new lows: having their failure of a president stump for them.

Despite Joe Biden's failures and tanking approval rating, these Democrats are so desperate that they'd rather get an endorsement from a failing president than no president.

That's because they know they have no chance as things currently stand.

As a result they're turning to Joe Biden. The president's endorsement seems good on paper, but further examination will show just how futile Joe's efforts really are.

Biden has never lived in Florida. His rating is plummeting. Even liberal voters don't want him.

So why are these Republicans turning to him?

Because they have no other choice. Staying the same will result in their political death.

Unfortunately, turning to Biden will result in the same thing.

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