BREAKING: Democrats Get TERRIBLE Election News - Pelosi Going DOWN...

October 2, 2022

Two new polls have found that Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz has pulled into a statistical tie with Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

Franklin & Marshall College poll released on Thursday found that Fetterman's lead over Oz has decreased to three points in a race with a margin for error of 5.6%.

Oz's campaign started off rough, but in the past few weeks, he has surged and become a serious threat to win the race for a crucial Senate seat.

A poll from Phillips Academy released on Monday found an even narrower gap between Fetterman and Oz. That poll placed Fetterman's support at 46.5% and Oz at 44.5%, well within the margin of error.

These new polls are terrible news for Democrats as Pennsylvania's Senate seat is crucial to determining who will hold power in the Senate for the next two years.

Fetterman was considered a safe bet to win the race, so his collapse into a statistical tie demonstrates just how bad things are getting for Democrats.

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