BREAKING: Democrats Get Devastating Election News From Arizona - He's Really Doing It...

October 13, 2022

The Democrats just got really bad news in Arizona just days before the November midterm elections.

"Billionaire investor and entrepreneur Peter Thiel has offered to make a multimillion-dollar contribution to the effort to elect Republican Blake Masters to the U.S. Senate in Arizona if the Mitch McConnell-led Senate Leadership Fund will match his support," Axios reported.

"Thiel has made waves in recent years through his outspoken support for former President Donald Trump," reported Breitbart.

"Thiel endorsed Trump in 2016, praising him as a harbinger of 'a new American politics that overcomes denial, rejects bubble thinking, and reckons with reality,'" reported Breitbart.

The personal and professional connections between Thiel and Masters go deep and it's working in Masters' favor.

Masters previously served as chief operating officer of Thiel’s venture capital firm and president of Thiel’s personal foundation.

Now, Masters is attempting to unseat incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Kelly.

The midterm elections are just under four weeks away.

Breitbart reported on the backstory between Thiel and McConnell:

The Arizona race has been a significant point of contention between Thiel and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), as McConnell has repeatedly pressured Thiel to devote his personal resources to the race.

The dynamic between Thiel and McConnell was further complicated by the victory of J.D. Vance, another Thiel associate, in the Ohio Senate primary. "McConnell told Thiel over the phone last week that Vance’s race in Ohio was proving more costly for the Senate Leadership Fund than anticipated, that money was not unlimited and that there was a need for the billionaire to ‘come in, in a big way, in Arizona," the Washington Post reported in late August.

According to Axios, Thiel has already spent $15 million on the Arizona race — to say nothing of his spending in Ohio and other states — even as the Senate Leadership Fund has canceled $9.6 million in ad buys meant to support Masters. The GOP’s needs in Arizona have been made more urgent by Kelly’s large war chest, the incumbent senator having raised $52 million by June, according to the AZ Mirror.

"Masters has maintained a certain ambivalence towards McConnell, saying, 'Mitch McConnell is not bad at everything. He’s good at judges. He’s good at playing defense. He’s wildly smart. He’s the master tactician, but again, he only wants to play defense. We need to go on offense,'" reported Breitbart.

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