BREAKING: Democrat Tim Ryan Caught Red-Handed After Video Surfaces - He's DONE...

November 3, 2022

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), now running for Senate against Republican J.D. Vance, has come out and said he never called for defunding ICE even though he is on record doing so in 2019 when he was running for president.

At that time, he pledged to cut ICE funding by 75%, which would have been disastrous given the sharp increases in illegal immigration under Biden's tenure.

During a Fox News town hall, an Ohio voter asked Ryan, “You voted against funding for border security, you voted against funding for the border wall, you voted against funding for drug enforcement, and you called for defunding ICE. Why?”

“I absolutely never called for defunding ICE, not one time, not one time … not one time," Ryan lied.

Do these people think voters are that stupid? They must.

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