BREAKING: Democrat NAILED In Philadelphia Death Scandal - Nation Stunned...

September 20, 2022

Democrat-run Philadelphia is seeing on average eight people shot each and every day.

The report reflect numbers between Memorial Day 2022 and Labor Day 2022.

"Last year, more than 560 people were killed in homicides — the overwhelming majority by guns — and another 1,800 were wounded by bullets. It was the city’s most violent year ever. This year’s pace has been worse," The Inquirer reported.

Philadelphia's mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat, of course, has suggested that only police officers should have guns.

Kenney spoke to reporters after two Philadelphia police officers were shot on July 4.

"It was a chilled back day, beautiful weather. But we live in America where we have the Second Amendment and we have the Supreme Court of the United States telling everybody they can carry a gun wherever they want," Kenney said.

He added, "I was in Canada two weeks ago and never thought about a gun. The only people I knew who had guns in Canada were police officers."

Kenney added, "That’s the way it should be here."

Kenney clearly thinks taking guns away from citizens will solve the problem, but research and history show that taking guns away from people and making them defenseless is not the answer.

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