BREAKING: Democrat Insiders Reveals SICK Anti-Woman Scandal -The Truth Is Out...

October 15, 2022

Fresh off her decision to leave the Democrat Party, Tulsi Gabbard addressed the Independent Women's Forum and scolded her former party for not standing up for women when it denies biological differences between the sexes.

"We have an administration in the White House, and woke politicians in Washington, a Supreme Court justice, who are unable and unwilling to define what a woman is," Gabbard said. "Those who don't believe that there is such a thing as a woman are also denying that there is such a thing as truth."

She addressed the incongruity between Democrats claiming to be feminists while at the same time refusing to define a woman.

"How is it controversial to define what a woman is?" the former congresswoman asked. "It is the height of hypocrisy for those who claim to be feminists, for the Democratic Party, who claims to be champions for women over decades … to deny that there is such a thing as a woman."

It's a conundrum faced by many on the left, but Gabbard is one of only a few willing to address it.

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