BREAKING: Democrat BEATDOWN Stuns Biden White House - Here It Comes...

October 22, 2022

In a shocking move, the White House has made an absolutely shocking announcement.

What Joe Biden is currently doing is not good enough for America, and it's not going to win him reelection.

In fact, Biden's own White House chief of staff Ron Klain said on October 20 that "if President Joe Biden was holding big campaign rallies, the Democrats would get walloped in the midterms."

He made the remarks on Anderson Cooper 360.

Cooper said, "Normally, a president might be out holding big campaign rallies. According to The New York Times, I think President Trump held 26 rallies in October of 2018. Former President Obama held 16 rallies in October of 2010. Clearly, a lot of candidates, Democratic candidates in close contests, don’t seem to want the president campaigning for them with big rallies."

Klain responded with "Yeah, you know, Anderson and both President Obama and I was here, I’ll share responsibility for it, and President Trump got walloped in the midterms. So I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that we’re not using the strategy that failed in 2010 and the strategy that failed in 2018. Instead you’re seeing the president travel with elected officials, Democratic candidates like he was in Pennsylvania today with John Fetterman, our candidate for Senate there. And he is talking about the issues that really impact people, infrastructure, costs, choice, a long line of issues that he’s talking about. So I don’t think rallies have proved effective for candidates in the midterms. So we’re trying something different that we think will be effective."

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