BREAKING: Dem John Fetterman In Center Of CRUEL Scheme - Nation Stunned...

October 29, 2022

Democrat candidate John Fetterman took to the stage to debate opponent Mehmet Oz, and now Fetterman finds himself at the center of terrible, cruel criticism.

"Forget the politics," said Nolte of Breitbart. "On a human level, watching what the Democrat party, the Fetterman campaign, and John Fetterman’s wife allowed to happen at Tuesday night’s U.S. Senate debate was like watching someone bully a disabled child."

The debate has been called heartbreaking, cruel, shocking and enraging.

"This poor man is obviously in no shape to serve in any political office, much less the U.S. Senate," said Nolte.

"Even more, you do not have to be a licensed medical practitioner to know these mercenary monsters are risking John Fetterman’s long-term health prospects and his chance at a full recovery," added Nolte of Breitbart.

"Stroke victims require rest and rehabilitation. This is especially true for stroke victims dealing with cognitive issues," reported Breitbart. "Fetterman’s problems are not just physical and speech-related. His brain is scrambled. The only way to fix that is through intense and focused rehabilitation."

Nolte continued, blasting Fetterman's wife for not stepping in and saving him from the embarrassment he experienced in the recent debate that put his un-health on display.

"How craven and power-hungry must a political party, a campaign, and a spouse be to put a fellow human being, your own husband, through such a humiliating display?" Nolte asked.

"I have no doubt John Fetterman is telling everyone he wants to do this, but he is in no shape to make that decision. Therefore, it is up to those around him, especially his wife, to make that decision for him; to protect his dignity at all costs, and shield him from pity and mockery," Nolte continued.

The Democrat party could have chosen a different candidate, plain and clear.

Fetterman needs to go home, rest up, heal and forget about debates and this senate race.

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