BREAKING: Declared WORST Senator In America - Hahaha

July 25, 2022

Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) was branded the "worst senator in America," by Blake Masters, who is the leading candidate in the Arizona Republican primary.

Masters made his blistering comments during the Save America Rally in Prescott, AZ, on Friday night. Masters opened the rally ahead of former President Donald Trump and used the stage to blast his likely opponent, Senator Mark Kelly.

Masters opened the rally by saying, "It's just so good to be here. Of course, we're here because we've got a few problems to fix. I wish it weren't true, but man, it is. And one of the problems – I'm talking now about the worst Senator in America, you know who it is, Mark Kelly."

At the mention of Kelly's name, the crowd could be heard loudly booing, signaling that Masters' opinion is held by a good number of his fellow Arizonans.

Masters continued saying, "He [Senator Kelly] has voted for all the crazy spending that has caused this massive inflation. Mark Kelly voted to legalize abortion nationwide up until the moment of birth. Think about how radical that is. And this after promising Arizonans that he was going to be an independent, that he was going to be a moderate. And you know what? He lied."

Senator Kelly may not be the most radical leftist in the Senate, but he has enabled the radical agenda of the Democrat Party. Now it seems that Masters has a good chance at sending Senator Kelly into an early retirement.

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