BREAKING: Criminal Evidence Linked DIRECTLY To Biden Family - America Shocked...

October 22, 2022

Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Hunter Biden, and the rest of the family are officially in serious trouble.

Over 400 crimes have been documented on the hard drive that once belonged to Hunter Biden.

It's over 450 crimes, in fact.

A non-profit watchdog group called Marco Polo "has released a comprehensive report documenting 459 alleged crimes, including state and federal violations, committed by Hunter Biden and his associates." Marco Polo was created specifically to browse around this laptop and document its contents.

What they found was NOT good for the Biden family.

"The focus of the report is on crimes, I had a compulsion to log every crime, even the state-level statutes," Marco Polo's leader said. "The mission is simple: Hold Republicans' feet to the fire. We don't want to hear that Republicans need another year to do an investigation. I've done that here."

You can view all 644 pages of the report at the link below.

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