BREAKING: Congress Unleashes Pro-Life Warning - This Is REAL...

September 9, 2022

Representative Jim Jordan has a message for all of the other Republicans in Congress and across the country as well.

The GOP should "lean into" being the pro-life party.

Liberals try to give pro-life a negative connotation.

It isn't. Being the "pro-life party" is a badge of honor, not something to be ashamed of.

"Lean into it," Jordan claimed. "We are the pro-life party. We are going to protect the sanctity of human life, and Democrats have the radical position. They are the ones who think you should be able to take the unborn child’s life right up until their birthday, for goodness sake. And they had a governor in Virginia just a few years ago who said even after that fact, you could take the life of a child. That is frightening. So, lean into it and talk about we are the party that’s going to protect the sanctity of human life like we have always been. This was a huge win for the precious nature of human life, and I don’t think we should shy away from it."

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