BREAKING: Clinton Enemy Found DEAD - Family Stunned...

September 16, 2022

Even the New York Times called him a household name.

He's the man second most responsible man in America for making sure Monica Lewinsky would forever be known as "The Intern."

Bill Clinton did all of the heavy lifting, but it wasn't just Slick Willie who was responsible for the world-famous stain on the dress.

Somebody had to discover what was going on and expose it to the world.

There was a moral obligation to explain why somebody being paid in college tuition was being sent home with bruised kneecaps, because America deserved to know what their President had been up to on their dime.

Bill Clinton was supposed to be keeping America safe in the years following Desert Storm.

Instead, he was busy making flurries. It was not right, and somebody had to hold him accountable.

One man stood up to Bill Clinton. That man has passed away.

Ken Starr was 76.

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