BREAKING: China Releases Report For Plan On American Riots - This Is HUGE

August 11, 2022

Contrary to Nancy Pelosi's recent lies, Chinese citizens are not free.

One example of that is the way they get their news.

The official newspaper of China is the Global Times. It is how many Chinese citizens get most of their information and form their worldview.

It's also printed by the Chinese government.

So when something appears in the Global Times, we can know that the information is endorsed by the Chinese government.

That can be a horrifying idea, depending on what you're reading.

An article that says vanilla ice cream is preferable to chocolate?

Seems pretty harmless for the Chinese government to think that.

An article that promises another riot on America's capitol like that seen on January 6?

It's absolutely terrifying to hear the Chinese government predict that, but that's exactly what just happened.

HOW do they know?

WHEN did they know?

WHAT do they know?

Only time will tell.

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